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©2010-12 Habiboun (UK)

Houria Niati - Vocal


Miguel Moreno - Guitar

The songs are attributed to the great ninth-century composer, Ziryab Ibn Nafi,

who was born in Iraq but forced into exile in Spain. He settled at the court of

the caliph in Cordoba when Islamic civilization was at its height.

Ziryab is attributed with developing the oud (lute), adding a fifth string that he called

“the string of the soul”. His fame spread throughout the Muslim territories of al-Andalus.


After the expulsion of the Moors, Muslims and Jews from Spain in 1492, the classical

Arabo-Andalusian musical repertoire accompanied the emigrants to North Africa, where

it was handed down by oral tradition. Nowadays it is performed and taught throughout

Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia.

The Spanish flame and passion together with the highly poetic, romantic, and full of mystery Arabic text, makes Habiboun the perfect Fusion of Arabo-Spanish music. Involving vocal and guitar to give this magic blend of culture.

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